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The 2010 World Bridge Series Championships will be held in Philadelphia from October 1 through October 16. Most of the events will be played at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown. The adjacent Philadelphia Convention Center will be used for some events as well as the concurrent regional.

The World Championship events are open to all players who are members of the National Bridge Organization. If you live in North America and are a member of ACBL, you are eligible to play. Your NBO number is your ACBL number preceded by USA if you are from the US, CAN if you are from Canada, MEX if you are from Mexico and BER if you are from Bermuda.

Below you can find some general information. More detailed information can be found through the menu to your left.

Brochure with Schedule 

Click here for the most recent brochure about the 2010 World Bridge Series. The schedule is subject to minor changes due to number of entries.

Official WBF Website

For complete information on the 2010 World Bridge Series, please click here to go to the official WBF website.

How To Enter

Participating in the World Bridge Series will be easier if you submit your entry in advance. This is done through the WBF online entry form. Read more... 

Pay Entry Fees

You can only pay in cash on site. We encourage you to pre-pay online using PayPal. Most major credit cards are accepted. Read more... 


All players need a badge to enter the playing area. Save yourself time by registering and paying in advance. Read more...


There will be an ACBL Regional concurrent with the 2010 World Bridge Series Championships. Click here to see the Regional schedule.


The host hotels for the tournament are the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, the Philadelphia Marriott Courtyard Downtown, and the Hilton Garden Inn Philadelphia. Booking at these hotels gives you 20% discount on the starting fees. Read more...

Discounted Airfare with Continental

USBF is pleased to announce that it has entered into a discounted airfare agreement with Continental Airlines. exclusively for participants in the upcoming World Championship. Read more...

Taking the Train from Newark

If you fly into Newark, you can take a train to Philadelphia. It will cost about $80 and involve two trains. Read more...

Conditions of Contest

The WBF has released General Conditions of Contest and Supplemental Conditions of Contest for the 2010 World Bridge Series. Click on the one you are interested in to download a PDF.

A Note about Convention Cards & Multi Defenses

You will need to complete the WBF convention card to play in any of the World Bridge Series events. You can find Word & Excel templates to use to complete the card at Anna Gudge's excellent site (where there is lots of additional information about the WBS. There is also a link there to the WBF Convention Card Editor, but if you choose to use that, please don't complain to Jan about all the problems you encounter, she stopped using it years ago and doesn't have any idea of how to do anything with it.

Although players are not required to provide you with a recommended defense to Multi, you are allowed to bring your own defense to the table with you and refer to it during the auction. You can bring either of the ACBL recommended defenses, or one that you have developed on your own or found someplace else. 

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