2022 Michael Seamon Junior USBC - U21 TEAMS

There are 8 teams entered. The teams are listed in alphabetic order.

Players in purple have submitted their system summary forms (SSFs).
Players in red have complicated methods the SSF Review Committee recommends you study before playing against these pairs.
You can click on the player's name to see the SSF.

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  A Zhang

Andy Zhang, Capt
Zach Posternak
Matthew Rippin
Owen Jiang


Ethan Derman, Capt
Michael Haas
Daniel Balof
Levi Katriel
Sam Pahk
Kai Eckert


Nathan Gong, Capt
Edward He
Arthur Gong
Eric He


Michael Hu, Capt
Andrew Jin

Jerry Yao
Oliver Que


Aidan Klein, Capt
Cedric Xiao
Kevin Jiang
Philip Wang

  M Xu

Michael Xu, Capt
Harrison Luba
Olivia Schireson
Bo Han Zhu


Derrick Zhao, Capt
Avery Silverstein
Caroline Zhao
Jack Boge


Arthur Zhou, Capt
Rory Xiao
Michael Hu
Jonathan Yue