Any Active USBF member interested in being on the ballot who has not been nominated by the Nominating
Committee should go to the Federation Info. section, Select Rules from the list on the left, and then select
Regulations for Conduct of Election of Board of Directors. Then, read the section on Petition Candidates.
BMD = Ballot Mailing Date
Action Relationship to BMD Actual Date Week Day
Notice Posted on Website 90 Days before BMD September 2, 2006 Wednesday
Nominating Committee Meeting      
Nominating Committee reports to Elections 31 Days before BMD October 31, 2006 Sunday
Nominations Close 30 Days before BMD November 1, 2006 Monday
Eligible Voter List Posted on Web site 15 Days before BMD November 16, 2006 Tuesday
Last day to protest voter list 7 Days before BMD November 24, 2006 Tuesday
Last Day for Petition Candidates 10 days before BMD November 21, 2006 Sunday
Ballot Mailing Date (BMD)   December 1, 2006 Wednesday
End of voting period 30 days after BMD December 31, 2006  
Annouce Results      
Last Day for protest of election 10 days after results announced