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Harper-Miller System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

Berk-Soukup System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

About the Players

Brandon Harper
Ryan Miller

I am 19 years old, been playing since 9 I think (getting too old to remember haha). I go to USF in Tampa. I have a double major in Finance and Economics.

My favorite TV shows are Doctor Who and Suits.  Favorite food is sushi.

My cousin Brandon Harper is my favorite partner. No girlfriend(s) to talk about. I work as a director at the bridge center near me.

Hakan Berk
 {mosimage} I am currently a junior in the Magnet at Montgomery Blair High School, located in Silver Spring Maryland. I've been playing bridge for 6 years now. My dad was my first teacher, and brought me into the game. He would go to the local unit game every Thursday, and finally I couldn't contain my curiosity. I learned the game at age 10, and have been hooked ever since. Two years ago, I was a part of the USA2 team that competed in the U21 Championships in China.

In addition to bridge, I like to play soccer and basketball with my friends, and enjoy being a part of the FIRST robotics team at my school. 
David Soukup