The March, 2015 ACBL Bulletin contained a great article by Sue & Jim Munday about the 2015 Junior USBC.

The 2015 Juniors USBC, with U26, U21 and Rona divisions, selected USBF teams for the 2016 World Junior Championships, to be held in Salsomaggiore, Italy, from August 3 to 13, 2016.

KAPLAN (Kaplan-Brescoll, Grossack-Grossack, Kristensen-Rosenberg) won the U26 USA1 bracket and finished 5-8 in the Patiño Cup

HERMAN (Herman-Jolly, Arbit-Kaye, Kriegel-Tebha) won the U26 USA2 bracket and finished 11th in the Patiño Cup

SOUKUP (Soukup-Berk, Chang-Stephani) won the U21 event, added Cole Spencer and finished 5-8th in the Damiani Cup

THAPA (Thapa-Hunt, Ladyzhenski-Wernis, Lin-Loeb) won the Rona event and finished 5-8th in the Rona Cup


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Winning Teams

Under 26 USA1

                           2015 Kaplan Team

Zach Brescoll, Zach Grossack, Adam Grossack, Kevin Rosenberg, Adam Kaplan, Ben Kristensen
NPC: Josh Donn

Under 26 USA2

                                    2015 Herman Team

Christian Jolly, Julie Arbit, Greg Herman, Anam Tebha, Jordan Kaye, Oren Kriegel
NPC: Jim Munday


2015 Soukup TeamCole Spencer

Nolan Chang, Hakan Berk, Isaac Stephani, David Soukup, Cole Spencer
NPC: Dave Caprera

Rona Cup

                                    2015 Rona Team

Allison Hunt, Amber Lin, Isha Thapa, Kathleen Loeb, Asya Ladyzhenski, Becca Wernis
NPC: Kent Mignocchi