The World Youth Bridge Teams Championships 

The World Youth Teams Bridge Championships (WYBTC) is an eight-day tournament hosted by the World Bridge Federation (WBF) that occurs every two years. It provides a unique opportunity for youth players to represent their countries and compete against other youth players from around the world in four categories: U16, U21, U26, U26 Women's, and U31.

The USBF qualifies up to two teams per category in the Junior US Bridge Championships (JUSBC) which occur the year before each WYBTC. After the teams qualify, each team selects a Non-Playing Captain (NPC) who runs the team at the WYBTC and also mentors the team for ~six months leading up to the tournament. Each partnership on the qualifying teams is also paired with an expert partnership coach to help them prepare their system notes and convention cards. 

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18th WYBTC


U21 Damiani Trophy: USA2, Silver 🥈
(Michael Hass, Michael Hu, Samuel Pahk,
Rory Xiao, Jonathan Yue, Arthur Zhou,
NPC Aaron Silverstein)

U16 Koç University Trophy:
USA2, Silver 🥈
(Daniel Balof, Jack Boge, Claire Cao,
Ethan Derman, Avery Silverstein, Jeffrey Yin,
NPC Kent Mignocchi)

USA1, Bronze 🥉
(Andrew Chen, Charlie Chen, Kayden Ge,
Eric Xiao, Jeff Xiao, Brian Zhang,
NPC Will Watson)

BAM Final A: U21 USA1, Silver 🥈
(Bruce Zhu, Harrison Luba, Nathan Gong,
Michael Xu, Arthur Gong, Olivia Schireson,
NPC Roger Lee)

BAM Final B: U26 Women's USA2, Gold 🥇
(Jessica Udomsrirungruang, Cecilia Ehrlichman,
Morgan Johnstone, Katie Sullivan,
Khan Tran Nguyen, NPC Michael Shuster)

USBF announcement (photos of medalists)
Results and bulletins
WBF photos (See "Veldhoven 2023" Albums)
NPC + Player Feedback Survey results
U26 Women's USA2 Team Report

Bridgewinners articles:
-"Get Hyped..." by Levi Katriel
-"2023 WYTC" by Avery Silverstein
-"Stop and Smell the Roses" by Daniel Balof
"The WYTC Experience" by Brian Zhang

-"My Journey in Bridge" by Jonathan Yue
-"Party Poopers..." by Michael Hu
-"Favorite Hand..." by Michael Hu


17th WYBTC


U16 Koç University Trophy:
USA1, Bronze 🥉
(Michael Hu, Harrison Luba, Rory Xiao,
Michael Xu, Jonathan Yue, Arthur Zhou,
NPC Jim Munday)

BAM Final A: U26 USA1, Gold 🥇
(Christian Jolly, Adam Kaplan,  Ben Kristensen,
Kevin Rosenberg, NPC Michael Rosenberg)

Results and bulletins
WBF photos ("17th WYTC" Albums)



16th WYBTC


BAM Final A: U26 USA1, Gold 🥇
(Zachary Brescoll, Adam Grossack, Zach
Grossack, Adam Kaplan, Ben Kristensen,
Kevin Rosenberg, NPC Roger Lee)

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Other International Tournaments

USBF players frequently compete in other international tournaments for juniors.

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15th European
Youth Pairs


U21: Olivia Schireson & Michael Xu, Silver 🥈
 Amber Lin & Kevin Rosenberg, Gold 🥇

14 USBF players participated

Results and bulletins
EBL Photos ("15th EYPC")



7th World Youth


U26 Teams: "USA U26"Gold 🥇
(Zach Grossack, Finn Kolesnik, Harrison Luba,
Kevin Rosenberg, Michael Xu, Bohan "Bruce" Zhu)
U16 Teams: "USS Unsinkable", Silver 🥈
(Andrew Chen, Charlie Chen, Kayden Ge,
Eric Xiao, Jeff Xiao, Brian Zhang)

U21 Pairs:
Finn Kolesnik & Michael Xu, Gold 🥇

U31/U26/U21 Individual: Finn Kolesnik, Silver 🥈
U16 Individual: Brian Zhang, Gold 🥇

Joan Gerard Youth Award: Olivia Schireson

20+ USBF players participated

USBF announcement (photos)
Results and bulletins
WBF photos ("2022 Salso Youth W.C.")



6th World Youth

Opatija, Croatia

U26 Teams: "Sivy B", Gold 🥇
(Cornelius Duffie, Ben Kristensen,
Kevin Rosenberg, Adrian Youngquist)
U21 Pairs: "The Canadians", Bronze 🥉
(Finn Kolesnik, Harrison Luba,
Bohan "Bruce" Zhu)

U26 Triathlon:
 Kevin Rosenberg
Gold 🥇

Results and bulletins
WBF photos ("Opatija 2019")


Photos From Recent Tournaments

2023 U21 USA2 2023 U16 Silver (1)

Left: WBF President Jan Kamras, Jonathan Yue, Rory Xiao, Michael Hu, Arthur Zhao, Michael Haas, Sam Pahk, NPC Aaron Silverstein, WBF Vice President Eric Laurent

Right: Eric Laurent, Jack Boge, Avery Silverstein, Daniel Balof, Ethan Derman, Jeffrey Yin, Claire Cao, NPC Kent Mignocchi, Jan Kamras