USBF Junior teams performed outstandingly in Veldhoven this week. Three teams will be bringing home medals and we've heard nothing but positive comments about all of the teams. Well done!

USA2 U21 & U16 teams won Silver, USA1 U16 won bronze!

U21 USA2 on the Victory Stand

2023 U21 USA2

WBF President Jan Kamras, Jonathan Yue, Rory Xiao, Michael Hu, Arthur Zhao, Michael Haas, Sam Pahk, NPC Aaron Silverstein, WBF Vice President Eric Laurent

U16 USA2 - Silver Medalists!

2023 U16 Silver (1)

Eric Laurent, Jack Boge, Avery Silverstein, Daniel Balof, Ethan Derman, Jeffrey Yin, Claire Cao, NPC Kent Mignocchi, Jan Kamras

U16 USA1 - Bronze Medalists

2023 U16 Bronze

Charlie Chen, Andrew Chen, Eric Xiao, Jeff Xiao, Kayden Ge, Brian Zhang, NPC Will Watson



USBF teams took home gold and silver medals from the final Transnational events held at the 2023 WYBTC. U21 USA1 earned Silver in the BAM A Final; U26 Women USA2, with a "ringer" from Canada replacing a departed player, earned gold in the BAM B Final. Congratulations!

BAM A Final Silver Medalists

2023 U21 USA1   BAM Silver

Bruce Zhu, Harrison Luba, Nathan Gong, Michael Xu, Arthur Gong, Olivia Schireson, NPC Roger Lee

BAM B Final Gold Medalists

2023 WTBTC BAMB Gold

Jan Kamras, Jessica Udomsrirungruang, Cecilia Ehrlichman, Morgan Johnstone, Jacob Freeman, Katie Sullivan, Khan Tran Nguyen, NPC Michael Shuster, Eric Laurent