In 2013 Joe Stokes revitalized the USBF Junior Program, after which Michael Rosenberg, Barry Goren, and Debbie Rosenberg started the USBF Junior Online Training Program.  Currently Joe is the Junior Coordinator for the USBF, and Alex Kolesnik organizes and runs the online training.  About 130 Juniors are currently in the training program; they practice weekly on BBO, usually on Sunday or Monday evenings.  Each group of 4-8 juniors works with a mentor, who watches the play and provides feedback after the sessions.

The training program couldn’t happen without the support of our mentors.  We are very grateful for their help with the juniors.   As of May 2020, Regular Online Training mentors include:

Craig Allen Li-Chung Chen Adam Grossack Michael Rosenberg
Ifti Baqai Chris Chung Michael Huston Michael Shuster
Franco Baseggio Phil Clayton Christian Jolly Aaron Silverstein
Leo Bell Sam Dinkin Alex Kolesnik Gary Soules
David Berkowitz Patricia Dovell Mike Kopera Stan Subeck
Craig Biddle Mitch Dunitz  Ai-Tai Lo Karen Walker
Bart Bramley Bob Etter Kent Mignocchi Will Watson
Dave Caprera Mike Gill Glenn Milgrim  Kit Woolsey

 USBF Members who have volunteered to help or to play with and against Juniors online, providing wonderful feedback to our developing players:


 Jeff Aker

 Karen Allison

 Kevin Bathurst

 Steve Bloom

 Bart Bramley

 Migry zur Campanile

 Tom Carmichael

 Drew Casen

 Larry Cohen

 Gary Cohler

 Lynn Deas

Nik Demirev

Bob Hamman

Kevin Fay

Steve Garner

Fred Gitelman

Robb Gordon

Christal Henner

Yul Inn

Dale Johannesen

Lynn Johannesen

Ralph Katz

John Kranyak

Roger Lee

Geoff Hampson

Jill Levin

Chip Martel

Karen McCallum

Alan Miller

Brad Moss

Jack Oest

Beth Palmer

Rich Pavlicek Jr.

Sue Picus

Jennifer Richter

Barry Rigal  

Kathy Rolfe

Debbie Rosenberg

Aviv Shahaf

Barnet Shenkin

Ron Smith        Mel Colchamiro    

JoAnna Stansby    

Cenk Tuncok     Dan Zagorin 

Howard Weinstein

Roy Welland

Adam Wildavsky

Kevin Wilson

Sheri Winestock

Dan Wolkowitz

Kit Woolsey

Joel Wooldridge

Jeff Meckstroth

Thank you all for your time, effort & enthusiasm with this project! And of course, as always, a HUGE thank you to BBO for providing an environment where players from around the country can play together and help aspiring players improve. And also a major THANK YOU to USBF Junior Coordinator, Joe Stokes, without whose energy and enthusiasm this project would never have gotten off the ground.