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Complete this form to join the USBF. Click here for information on USBF membership (be sure to look at that link if you are not a US citizen).

If you are not a US citizen or permanent US resident, you are not eligible for membership in the USBF. Unless you are under 26, completing this form will not provide any advantage to you.

You must be an Active or Resident member to compete in USBF events. Membership dues are $50 per year (or $130 for three years paid in advance). Juniors pay reduced dues: Players under the age of 26 pay $25 per year & players under the age of 20 pay $15 per year.

After you submit this form you will receive an email telling you that you have successfully registered. Any time after that when you are logged into the USBF site, you can pay dues by clicking on "Pay Dues" under the User Menu. That will take you to a page where you can choose whether to pay for 1 year or 3 years. Once you have paid your dues, you will become an Active Member and each time you log in, you will be shown the year through which you have paid dues.

Note that the optional fields labeled "Public Email" and "Public Telephone" are for you to enter an email address and telephone number if you want one or both to be available to other USBF members on the website. The email and telephone number that you are required to enter during the registration process will be available only to USBF officials.

Please indicate whether you are a US citizen or resident. If you are a non-citizen who is a permanent United States Resident you must fill out an additional form (see the membership page linked above) and meet the Resident Member requirements each year.

This field is required. Note that it is only the year of your birth, not specific date. 19xx or 20xx please. We need this information to confirm that you are eligible for Junior or Senior events.

Under 28 years old only, if you are currently attending a college or University, please provide us with the name of your school and your expected graduation date. That way we will be able to find you for tournaments that require attendance at a recognized college or university.


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If you want to be an Active Member, you still have to pay your dues, which you will be able to do, once you click the "send registration" button below, by logging in using the username and password you entered here and then clicking on "Pay Dues" under the User Menu.

If you are applying for Resident Membership, you must also complete the Resident Member application and send it in.