The teams in the USBC are seeded based on a combination of Individual Positioning Points & ACBL Performance Points, including masterpoints. The seeding points for an individual player are capped at 65. Teams are seeded based on the average seeding points for the team, except that the three teams with byes are seeded on the basis of their PPs. The teams and their seed positions are listed in the table below. To see information about each player's seeding points, download the PDF Spreadsheet of 2015 USBC Seeding Points. The player's IPPs are broken down by event in an Individual Positioning Points Spreadsheet, which you can also download in PDF format. That spreadsheet is based on information from the 2014-2015 Positioning Points Spreadsheet. Finally, for the real gluttons for punishment, to see the ACBL information (masterpoints and ACBL Positioining Points) for players on each of the teams, you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get a PDF with one page for each player on each team. Note that the top 4 finishers in the Round Robin receive additional seeding points, which may change the seeding order for the Knockout stage.Teams may also add or drop players before the USBC, which would change the seeding points.

  Seed   Team Name

Team Average
Seeding Points

     1    Diamond     70 PPs
     2    Hamman     46 PPs
     3    Fleisher     41 PPs
     4    Cayne     52.13 SPs
     5    Gordon     43.56 SPs
     6    Bramley     36.72 SPs
     7    Mahaffey     30.82 SPs
     8    Harris     28.54 SPs
     9    Gupta     25.90 SPs
    10    Fireman

    23.05 SPs

    11    Borker     17.41 SPs
    12     Milner     16.00 SPs
    13     Lo      13.58 SPs
    14     Rigal      11.59 SPs
    15     Cappelli       8.74 SPs
    16     Ivatury       8.21 SPs
    17     Denison       7.32 SPs
    18     Ware       5.36 SPs
    19      Ganzer       4.82 SPs
    20      Dinkin       4.51 SPs
    21     Becker       3.38 SPs