The hospitality suite for the 2018 USBC will be room 1068-70. Our wonderful hostesses, Lisa Berkowitz and Martha Katz will make the "trek" to Houston to welcome you to tihe Hospitality Suite, with a lot of local support from Nancy Strohmer, Betty Starzec, Shawn Quinn and other local volunteers. They will serve breakfast each day from 8:00-10:30 and lunch starting on Sunday or Tuesday from 1:00-4:00.

The hospitality suite will be open for Vugraph, casual chit chat, drinks & snacks during the rest of the playing hours and for a short time after the end of the day.

The "Players' Break Room" (aka Jan's office) is room 862, around the corner from the playing rooms on the 8th floor. It will be available for the entire tournament. We will have coffee, soft drinks and some snacks available in that room while you wait for your slow teammates to finish playing.

On Friday and Saturday, we will be serving a buffet lunch in the hotel restaurant. Starting on Sunday, lunch will be served in the hospitality suite. On Sunday and Monday, when the suite may be crowded, we'd appreciate it if those of you who are sitting out the second quarter could come before the break and those of you who are sitting out the third quarter could come after the break, to spread things out. We may also have some lunch food in the Plaeyrs' Break room.