The two USA2 teams for the 2020 WYBTC were decided at the 2019 Michael Seamon United States Bridge Championships today.

In the Under 26 Division, Stephani (Beauchet-Chang, Berk-Soukup) defeated Fan (Wei, Si-Xiong) by 68 IMPs in the USA2 final today. They will join Kaplan (USA1) in the Patiño Cup this summer. 


Louis Amaury Beauchet, Hakan Berk, Isaac Stephani, David Soukup, Nolan Chang. Photo by Min Bai.

In the Under 21 Division, Xiao (B. Xiao-Jeng, Hu-Zhou, Duffie-Wan) defeated Vohra (Smith, Lui-Liu, R. Xiao-Yue) by 72 IMPs. They will join Kolesnik (USA1) this summer in the Damiani Cup.


Richard Jeng, Brent Xiao, Cornelius Duffie, Arthur Zhou, Michael Hu, Stella Wan. Photo by Min Bai.

The Stephani team will be required to add a player so that the teams going to Salsomaggiore have 6 players.