"Real" Score in Pepsi vs Rosenthal

As a result of a very complicated director ruling that I hope will be explained in the Daily Bulletin, the Rosenthal team was awarded an additional 2-1/6 IMPs in the first segment of play today, giving them a first segment score of 20-1/6. Neither our scoring software nor the BBO Vugraph software allows me to enter a score that is not a whole number. Therefore I have listed the score on the USBF scoreboard and will include it in the total shown on BBO Vugraph as 21.

I recognize that 20-1/6 is closer to 20 than to 21, but I think it is correct that the effect of a partial iMP is the same as the effect of a full IMP in determining the outcome of the match, so listing it as 21 provides the best picture of the state of the match.

The 9 IMP penaltiy assessed against the Donner team was because one of the Donner players had a cell phone at the table.

Jan Martel