Congratulations to Jeff Wolfson-Steve Garner, David Berkowitz-Alan Sontag, Mark Lair-Michael Rosenberg, who defeated LALL (Hemant Lall-Reese Milner, Curtis Cheek-Zia Mahmood, Dennis Clerkin-Jerry Clerkin) in a roller-coaster Final to become USA2 for this year's Senior Bowl. Wolfson, like Fleisher, will be defending the title his team won in 2017. Michael Rosenberg has the unusual distinction of "defending" a title from Lyons, although a different one than the one he won there - he was a member of the gold medal Bermuda Bowl team in 2017.

2019 D'Orsi USA2

David Berkowitz, Michael Rosenberg, Alan Sontag, Steve Garner, Jeff Wolfson, Mark Lair. Photo by Stan Subeck