Feldman wins first JLall Online Teams

Congratulatios to Jason Feldman-Jerry Stamatov, Mark Feldman-Adam WIldavsky and Walter Lee-Frank Merblum! They took what looked like a commanding lead in the third quarter, but saw it dwindle to nothing over the first 9 boards of the 4th quarter, then turned it back around to win by 18 IMPs over Levine (Mike Levine-Eddie Wold, Mark Lair-Mike Passell, Jeff Meckstroth-Eric Rodwell).


Celebrating on Zoom:

2020 Feldman Team Zoom after JLall

Top - Jason Feldman with Abigail & Everett, Jerry Stamatov

Middle - Mark Feldman, Frank Merblum

Bottom - Walter Lee, Adam Wildavsky