Congratulations to WOLFSON (Jeff Wolfson-Steve Garner, Mike Becker-Howie Weinstein, David Berkowitz-Larry Cohen, Bruce Rogoff-Bob Sartorius)  on winning the USBF  Trials for the Transatlantic Senior Teams Championship, to be played in January & February next year.


The USBF is entitled to enter 4 teams in the Transatlantic Seniors, so congratulations also to the SIMSON (Doug Simson - Jeff Aker, Allan Falk-John Lusky, Glenn Milgrim-Barry Rigal), LEVINE (Mike Levine-Eddie Wold, Mark Lair-Mike Passell, Jeff Meckstroth-Eric Rodwell, Bob Morris NPC), and  LALL (Hemant Lall-Reese Milner, Bob Hamman-Peter Weichsel, Ash Gupta-Naren Gupta-Zia Mahmood-Michael Rosenberg who finished 2nd through 4th, and good luck to all 4 teams in the Transatlantic Senior event.