Congratulations to the Hemant Lall team (Lall-Milner, Diamond-Platnick, Hamman-Weichsel) on winning the 4th running of the USBF's JLall online team event on Monday, June 21st. Lall had finished second in the Retrievers Round Robin Division, beat the Bitterman Team by 35 in the Round of 16, the Gupta Team by 1 (those overtricks do sometimes matter!) in the Quarterfinal, the Joel Team by 24 in the Semifinal, and the Clayton Team by 44 in the Final.


After live events, we usually manage to corral the winning team for a team photo, but with an online event, all we can do is combine 6 individual photos:


hlallMilnerJohn Diamond 2016

Hemant Lall                                     Reese Milner                                   John Diamond                               


Brian Platnick 2016 hammanlaughWeichsel2

Brian Platnick                                   Bob Hamman                                   Peter Weichsel