Pairings for each round will be entered after lineups have been submitted. 


Round 1

Bauer vs Kolesnik
Donner vs Rubenstein
Hammond vs Rosenthal
Henner vs Moss
Hinze vs Lewis
Watson vs Xu

Round 2

Bauer vs Rosenthal
Donner vs Hinze
Hammond vs Henner
Kolesnik vs Xu
Lewis vs Watson
Moss vs Rubenstein

Round 3

Bauer vs Xu
Donner vs Watson
Hammond vs Rubenstein
Henner vs Rosenthal
Hinze vs Moss
Kolesnik vs Lewis

Round 4

Bauer vs Donner
Hammond vs Xu
Henner vs Watson
Hinze vs Rubenstein
Kolesnik vs Rosenthal
Lewis vs Moss 

Round 5

Bauer vs Watson
Donner vs Rosenthal
Hammond vs Moss
Henner vs Lewis
Hinze vs Kolesnik
Rubenstein vs Xu 

Round 6

Bauer vs Hammond
Donner vs Henner
Hinze vs Xu
Kolesnik vs Watson
Lewis vs Rubenstein
Moss vs Rosenthal 

Round 7

Bauer vs Hinze
Donner vs Moss
Hammond vs Lewis
Henner vs Kolesnik
Rosenthal vs Xu
Rubenstein vs Watson 

Round 8

Bauer vs Lewis
Donner vs Xu
Hammond vs Watson
Henner vs Rubenstein
Hinze vs Rosenthal
Kolesnik vs Moss

Round 9

Bauer vs Rubenstein
Donner vs Lewis
Hammond vs Kolesnik
Henner vs Hinze
Moss vs Xu
Rosenthal vs Watson 

Round 10

Bauer vs Moss
Donner vs Hammond
Henner vs Xu
Hinze vs Watson
Kolesnik vs Rubenstein
Lewis vs Rosenthal

Round 11

Bauer vs Henner
Donner vs Kolesnik
Hammond vs Hinze
Lewis vs Xu
Moss vs Watson
Rosenthal vs Rubenstein