Pairings for each round will be entered after lineups have been submitted. 


Round 1

Beatty vs Levine
Bramley vs Fox
Cappelli vs Simson
Gupta vs Kahn
Lewis vs Reynolds 

Round 2

Beatty vs Lewis
Bramley vs Reynolds
Cappelli vs Fox
Gupta vs Simson
Kahn vs Levine 

Round 3

 Beatty vs Kahn
Bramley vs Lewis
Cappelli vs Levine
Fox vs Simson
Gupta vs Reynolds

Round 4

Beatty vs Reynolds
Bramley vs Gupta
Cappelli vs Lewis
Fox vs Kahn
Levine vs Simson 

Round 5

Beatty vs Simson
Bramley vs Kahn
Cappelli vs Reynolds
Fox vs Levine
Gupta vs Lewis

Round 6

Beatty vs Bramley
Cappelli vs Gupta
Fox vs Lewis
Kahn vs Simson
Levine vs Reynolds

Round 7

Beatty vs Gupta
Bramley vs Simson
Cappelli vs Kahn
Fox vs Reynolds
Levine vs Lewis

Round 8

Beatty vs Fox
Bramley vs Cappelli
Gupta vs Levine
Kahn vs Reynolds
Lewis vs Simson

Round 9

Beatty vs Cappelli
Bramley vs Levine
Fox vs Gupta
Kahn vs Lewis
Reynolds vs Simson