We have scheduled JLall8 for June 22-25 this summer. The format will depend on the number of teams entered, but will probably be 2 days of Round Robin play to qualify either 4 or 8 teams for KO. The Round Robin will be Thursday and Friday, June 22 & 23. If there are 4 KO teams, the Semifinal will be Saturday and the Final Sunday. If there are 8 KO teams, the Quarterfinal will be Saturday, the Semifinal will be Sunday, and the Final will be scheduled at the convenience of the 2 teams playing in it.

Entry Information

Entry fee is $400 for the first 2 days and an additional $200 for subsequent days.

Entries are now open and will close on June 1st, subject to accepting one additional team if it would improve the format.

To enter, log in to this website and then go to the entry page.

This is an open book event, but as for all USBF events, you must complete and file a System Summary Form and ACBL convention card 2 weeks before play begins (June 8). To complete the SSF, log in and go to Create or Edit SSF under the User Menu. To file your ACBL convention card, email a link to a BridgeWinners card or a PDF of any other card to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Schedule & Other information about play

Each day's play will start at noon EDT and finish at about 8:00 pm. The exact schedule for each day will be posted after entries close.

Play will be on RealBridge, with screens and self-alerts.

Time allowed will be about 7 minutes per board, with 15-20 minute breaks between Round Robin matches and KO segments.