The Rosenthal team (Rosenthal-zurCampanile, Amber Lin-Chris Willenken, Debbie & Michael Rosenberg) defeated the giant-killer Dinkin team (Dinkin-Schireson, Bauer-Smith, Cohen-Sobel) in the Final of the USA2 bracket of the 2023 Mixed USBC, and will be USA2 for the 2023 World Mixed Teams in Marrakech in August.

 2023 Mixed USA2

Amber Lin, Chris Willenken, Migry zur Campanile, Andrew Rosenthal, Michael Rosenberg, Debbie Rosenberg

Dinkin Team celebrates their amazing performance in the 2023 Mixed USBC

2023 Dinkin Team

Sam Dinkin, Tracey Bauer, Ron Smith, Yoko Sobel, Olivia Schireson