Congratulations to team Goodman (Goodman-Passell, Casen-Krekorian, Koneru-Rajadhyaksha) on a convincing win over Hamman (Hamman-Weichsel, Chambers-Schermer, Dunitz-Grabel) in the USA1 Finals of the 2023 Senior USBC. The Goodman team will be USA1 for the Senior Bowl at the World Championships in Marrakech in August. The Hamman team will have a day off before playing the winner of the USA2 Semifinal (Lewis vs Wolfson) in the USA2 Final on Friday & Saturday, May 26-27.

2023 Senior USA1

Drew Casen, Venkatrao Koneru, Mike Passell, Pratap Rajadhyaksha, Jim Krekorian, Andy Goodman