Last year, when we qualified eight teams for the face to face stages of the USBCs, we were unhappy that we needed to have the USA2 Quarterfinal and Semifinal matches be only 1 day long each. Not surprisingly, many of the players were also unhappy with that - we all prefer longer matches. Thinking about next year's Mixed and Senior USBCs and discussing with several very helpful players, we finally came up with a format that adds only one day to each event and extends the USA2 Quarterfinal and Semifinal to 1-1/2 days (90 boards) each. Here's what it looks like:

  • Days 1 & 2 are the USA1 Quarterfinal KO. The winners advance to the USA1 Semifinal, the losers drop into USA2.
  • Days 3 & 4 are the USA1 Semifinal and USA2 Stage 1. Both are 4 team KO's.
  • Day 5 and half of day 6 is the start of the USA1 Final, and all of the USA2 Quarterfinal, which has 4 teams.
  • The second half of day 6 is the end of the USA1 Final, and the start of the USA2 Semifinal (2 teams).
  • Day 7 is a rest day for the losing USA1 Finalist, unless both USA1 Finalists choose instead to spread the 8 segments of the Final over 3 days; and the end of the USA2 Semifinal.
  • Days 8 & 9 are the USA2 Final.

Changing the Mixed and Senior USBCs to this format means that the Mixed will end one day later than was previously scheduled, and the Seniors will start one day later and end 2 days later than previously scheduled. The dates and format of the Open and Women's are unchanged. Here's the revised calendar for all 4 events:

New 2023 Calendar