Board 11
Vul: None
Dealer: S

West (Connie Goldberg)
North (Tobi Sokolow)
D AK9432 
C 654

East (JoAnn Sprung)
H  T82
D  J
C  AT92

S  75432
H  Q764
D  8
C  J83
  South (Janice Seamon-Molson)
S  86
H  J92
D  QT765
C  KQ7


N        E         S       W      
                      P       1Foot in mouth
2Cry    3Foot in mouth*   4Cool    4Foot in mouth
5Cool    P        5Cry    DBL
All pass
* Explained by E to N as Preemptive; explained by W to S as mixed.

Table Result: -2

Director's Statement:

EW could not find this in their system notes, but West had the box checked for weak
under Major suit openings after an overcall.

South stated that had she been told it was preemptive, she would have bid Cry.  North
stated that had she been told mixed, she would have doubled 4Foot in mouth.  The result was
down 2.

I found that there was misinformation by West and that South might have bid 4Cry.  However,
I felt that North would have still bid 5Cry at equal vulnerability.  NS claim that North had a clear
double.  I felt that with a diamond raise the defensive values decreased markedly and that
the sacrifice was clear.

There was only one uninterested party roaming around (Juanita Chambers).  I gave her the North
hand and she bid 5Cry whether South bid 4Cool or 4Cry, stating that if the diamonds were 2-0 we
wouldn't have heard from them.

Director's Ruling

Result stands.

Appeals Committee Ruling

The comittee determined that:

1) South's decision over 3Foot in mouth was not especially different whether 3Foot in mouth was preemptive or mixed.

2) North bidding 5Cry after a 4Cry bid by South would be normal, because either or both contracts might be making.

3) The actual 4Cool call improved prospects both offensively and defensively. If it had been understood as intended (lead-directing with diamond support), it would have suggested defending more strongly than the 4Cry bid posited by the appellants.

Therefore, the committee decided to let the result stand for both sides.

The appeal had merit. 

Appeals Committee

Bart Bramley, Chairman
Peggy Kaplan, Member
Chip Martel, Member

Director in Charge Bernie Gorkin