Board 20
Vul: Both
Dealer: W

West (Granovetter)
North (Dinkin)
S  K 9 8 5 4 3
H   ---
D   K J 10 6
C   K 8 2

East (Ekeblad)
S   A Q 7
H   K J 8 7 4 2
D   A 7
C   Q 3

S  J 10 6 2
H   Q 10 9
D   Q 8
C   A J 6 4
  South (Tunçok)
S  ---
H  A 6 5 3
D  9 5 4 3 2
C  10 9 7 5


N        E         S       W      
2S**   2NT     P      3D***

P        3NT     P        P

DBL     P        P        p

* Strong
** Natural
*** West to South: transfer to Hearts; East to North: Natural, forcing

      West told South he was not sure


Lead: C10

Table Result: 3NTx making; NS +750


Director's Ruling: 3NTx -1; NS -200

The meaning of North’s Pass and Double was different to South than to North because of the differing explanations of West’s 3D bid.

Screen conditions expect the declaring side to verify alerts and explanations given so that MI does not affect the defense and for other reasons. West was uncertain about what his partner thought his bid meant but did not initiate an exchange of declaring side’s explanations before the play.

Had that exchange occurred, South would know what his partner’s double meant and would lead a Diamond.


Appeals Committee Ruling


Director's ruling upheld.


Appeals Committee

 Gavin Wolpert, Chairman
 Joel Wooldridge, Member
 John Hurd, Member