Board: 30
Vul: None
Dealer: East

West (Grue)
North (Platnick)
S J T 6 2
H  5
D  A T 2
C  K 8 7 6 3

East (Moss)
S  Q 8 7 5
H  K T 9 4
D  9 5
C  A T 9

S A K 3
H Q 2 
D K Q J 8 7 4
C J 4
  South (Diamond)
S 9 4
H A J 8 7 6 3
D 6 3 
C Q 5 2


 W         N       E       S 
                      1C1   2D2
DBL3  4S      DBL    P
P        4NT     DBL    5C
DBL    All pass

1Artificial, strong
2 S to W: One Major
   N to E: 5-5 Major
3 Game forcing

Table Result: Down 5, NS -1100

Director's Ruling

At North's first turn (immediately after the tray was returned from the SW side), East asked about the 2D bid and was told that it showed 5-5 in the majors. East now Alerted West's double and explained it as game forcing. North bid 4S, and as East was thinking about his rebid, North asked what the 1C showed, and was told that it was artificial and strong. North-South's agreements are that 2D shows both majors if 1C is natural, and one major if 1C is a strong club. (East-West play a natural system when vulnerable in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd seat, and a strong club system otherwise.)

At this point North asked the director to come to his side of the screen. (The director was already in the room monitoring time.) The director told North and East that it is the Alerter's legal responsibility to make sure their screenmate sees the Alert, and he believed that requirement had been fulfilled, having watched East's Alert and North's acknowledgement of such. The players were instructed to continue the auction.

After the hand North requested that the video of the table action be reviewed. The video showed that East had waved the 1C card in the air and North had seen this and nodded before East placed the bid card on the tray. Videos from the prior day's play between these two pairs were viewed, and East had Alerted calls in the same manner with both North and South as screenmates. Further, the directing staff decided that had there actually been no Alert, the explanation of West's double in the auction 1C (2D Majors) X would not make sense in a standard 1C structure, and this information should have been enough for an experienced Precision player to understand what was going on, especially as this was the 75th board of the match the two pairs had played against each other. The table video was shown to N-S as part of delivering the ruling.


Appeals Committee Ruling

The committee reviewed the video and determined that there was an alert that was acknowledged. The committee upheld the ruling. Table result stands.


Appeals Committee

Kt Woolsey, Chairman
David Berkowitz, Member
Jacek Pszczola, Member