If you don’t want to play in the USBF Championships that choose teams to represent the USA in the World Bridge Federation Championships, but do want to aid our events, a Supporting Membership can be the perfect way for you to be involved. As a Supporting Member, you are eligible to:

  1. Enter the fantasy brackets, run on Bridge Winners, for the United States Bridge Championships (USBCs) choosing our Open and Senior teams for the World Championships. The highest-ranking Supporting Member in the fantasy brackets for each of these two events will win the prize of your choice - either an online match against the USBC winners or dinner with them at the next NABC.
  2. Daily emails during the USBF Championships. These will summarize the previous day’s results and provide vugraph information and links to daily bulletins containing pictures and commentary on individual hands.
  3. Upon advance request, USBF will make arrangements for you to kibitz a USBF member of your choice for a session once each year – either at an NABC or one of the USBCs.
  4. Upon advance request, USBF will arrange for you to be one of the vugraph commentators for one session of a USBC or NABC broadcast.

A Supporting Membership is $25 for one year ($75 for 3 years) and your donation will be used to cover inevitable expenses: attorney fees, accounting fees, website support services, tournament directors, insurance, WBF dues, and vugraph operators.  The USBF is an all-volunteer organization. Our meetings are by conference call and at NABCS. Board members and the organization’s officers are not compensated for meetings, travel, or hotel expenses.

We hope you will join us.