After pairs self-nominated for the 2015 Hua Yuan Cup team and all women players who had made the finals of  one of the last five  Women's USBCs ranked the nominees, and tabulators Robb Gordon and Jonathan Weinstein conducted an "instant runoff" election, the USBF Board approved the team selected by this procedure. The USBF team for the 2015 Hua Yuan Cup, to be held Nov. 8-14 in Beijing, China, will be:

 Cheri Bjerkan &
Rozanne Pollack
Cheri Bjerkan, photo by Peg Kaplan Rozanne Pollack, photo by Peg Kaplan
 Lynn Deas &
Disa Eythosdottir
 Lynn Deas, photo by Peg Kaplan Disa Eythosdottir, photo by Peg Kaplan
 Irina Levitina &
 Kerri Sanborn
 Irina Levitina, photo by Peg Kaplan  Kerri Sanborn

 Congratulations and good luck to all of you!