Here'sWhat to do if Your Email Address, Phone, Address or Anything else Changes

If USBF doesn't have current information for you, we can't send you emails, or contact you by phone or regular mail. When we originally set up this website, we imported all of the information USBF had about each of our members. When new members join, they are asked to provide contact information. If you have received mailings from USBF to an old email address, or you think you should have received an email from us (you owe dues, you are entered in an event and teammates have received an email) and haven't, PLEASE check that your information is current. Here's how to check and correct your information:

1. LOG IN to this website. Click on LOG IN in the upper right corner of any page. Enter your usernaname and password. If you have problems with this process, please read the paragraph about logging in that appears on that page before you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for help.

2. Click on "Your Information" on the User Menu that will have appeared on the home page after you logged in.

3. Click on "Edit Your Information," a submenu that will appear under "Your Information" after you click on it.

4. Change anything that has changed and click on "Submit."