jeffj  Jeff Johnston


We have just learned of Jeff Johnston's untimely death on Dec. 29th of an apparent heart attack. As you all know, Jeff has been ACBL Director of Bridge Operations for many years. In that position, he has been the heart and soul of NABCs - searching for sites, as well as managing just about everything at NABCs. He also supervised much of the operation of ACBL headquarters and was always there to answer questions or refer them to the right person. It's hard to imagine ACBL without Jeff.

Jeff also helped USBF over the years in innumerable ways. When the USBCs were held in Memphis, he was our "behind the scenes" support, and when we first moved away from Memphis, he continued in that role, coming to the first several travelling USBCs as our logistics manager and then training first Ken Horwedel and then McKenzie Meyers to take over that role. Whenever we needed help with anything, from directors to screens, Jeff was there. We will miss him enormously in the coming years.

Memorial services for Jeff will be held Monday, Jan. 5 at:
Memorial Park Funeral Home
5668 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee  38119
Visitation will be from 10–11:30 a.m.; the memorial service begins at 11:30 a.m.