For potential candidates seeking nomination to the Board

The USBF Board is its most important organizational unit.  Elected and empowered by the Members, and guided by the Bylaws, it establishes policies, sets fees, admits and disciplines Members and focuses on the long-term interests of the organization.

Board members attend the regularly scheduled Board meetings (more or less as needed, about monthly). Based on the past year, meetings are held by conference call and last about two hours. Some meetings have been held at an NABC. All Board members are expected to chair at least one committee.  Most committees meet on an as needed basis.  Committee meetings are typically held at times mutually agreeable to most of its members and staff.

In addition, Board members may have some special duties assigned to them by the Board.  

Board members will receive, and are expected to read, sometimes on short notice, a wealth of reports and written materials throughout the year.  A basic understanding of computer word processing and familiarity with E-mail is a plus.

Board members are Bridge ambassadors.  They graciously interact with members who offer comments, questions, complaints, suggestions (and occasionally praise).

As you see, being a Board member is a working position and not a ceremonial one.  Board Members should understand that the position is a complete and sacrificing three-year obligation.

Candidates for the Board should refer to the appropriate sections of the Bylaws to learn about the duties, powers and responsibilities of their position.  Board members are expected to read and have a working knowledge of the Bylaws.