At its first meeting of 2017, the USBF Board:

Elected the following officers:

President: Marty Fleisher

Vice President: Josh Parker

Treasurer & CFO: Stan Subeck

Secretary & COO: Jan Martel

Recorder: Jack Oest

Decided to give each member of the Savchenko team a $60 credit to be used for entry fees in any future USBC, because of an incident that occurred at the Mixed USBC for which the Board thought USBF should take some responsibility.

Approved Eldad Ginossar's application for Resident Membership in USBF.

Decided that even though the 2017 Open USBC will be selecting 2 teams for the 2017 Bermuda Bowl, and therefore will have 2 more matches than Open USBCs that select only 1 team, the USBF should continue its commitment to have 120 board matches throughout the Open USBC. Therefore this year's Open USBC will be 14 days long.