Sample System Summary Form

This form contains some suggestions of how to complete the System Summary Form. Guidelines for the form explain its purpose more completely.  





We play the following methods that may require advance preparation:

List here both methods that are ACBL Pre-alerts and other methods that your opponents may want to consider in advance, such as a 1NT overcall that is the equivalent of a takeout double, transfer responses, 2-way bids (1M-3§ shows 4 card support, either weak or FG; 1D-2H is either a SJS in hearts or an invitational balanced hand). You may also be required to complete an Announcement Form or Recommended Defense.

Our general bidding style is:

Include here an explanation of your general bidding style. Some things you might include are:

5 card Majors, Strong NT, 2/1 Forcing to game except 1D-2C.

We open balanced hands with 12 HCP and unbalanced hands with 10 or 11 HCP.

May respond with a very weak hand.

1 level overcalls light, 2 level overcalls tend to be sound.

Our leads are:

Vs. NT:4th best, but often lead high or second high from bad 4 card suits.

Vs. suits, 3rd from even, low from odd, may lead high from xxx in partner’s raised suit.

After the opening lead, we lead 4th best; often lead high without interest in having suit returned.

Vs Both: A from AK except at the 4 level or higher; K from AK with side stiff; Q asks unblock of J; after trick 1, J,10,9 show 0 or 2 higher if it would be of more value to our partner than to declarer.

Our defensive signaling philosophy is:

Include here an explanation of your defensive signals, such as:

Standard signals, except Upside down on AK lead.

Signaling priority is Attitude, Count, Suit Preference. Count takes priority when dummy has Qxx(x). SP when dummy’s holding is very strong (NT) or dummy has a singleton (suit)

We give suit preference in the trump suit when we can

First discard is odd/even. Subsequent discards tend to be SP

Smith vs NT: High cards in declarer’s first suit encourage the opening lead suit unless count is critical or our holding in opening lead suit is completely known.

When splitting honors, we play the second highest.