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About the Players

Rachna Goyal
Goyal2Rachna Goyal 

Rachna is 24 years old and was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. She learned to play bridge at the age of eleven while watching her dad on the computer. They have always played together as a father-daughter activity until this year she decided it was her last year as a Junior so she thought she'd get involved in the Junior scene.

As she was growing up tennis was always her first priority and bridge was second. She played in all of the local tournaments but never travelled unless she & her dad were invited. Her biggest bridge achievement was coming in 3rd place in B at the GNT in Las Vegas with her dad.

Rachna got married this past summer. She and her husband are currently doing their Master's together in Computer Science at Purdue University. 

GoyalRachna's wedding
Alice Kaye
Alice Kaye  Alice is 24 years old and is originally from England.  She learnt to play bridge properly during her time at Oxford University after first being briefly introduced to the game at the age of 15. She accredits her perseverance in learning the game to the fact that she had a crush on a particular boy, returning week on week to the University Bridge Club to see him. A couple of years later and she was fully involved in the local bridge scene as well as in national youth bridge, competing in her first international competition last year.

After completing her Masters in Mathematics in June 2013, Alice moved to Seattle to be closer to her family and to take a well-earned break after five years of hard work! Joe Stokes was very helpful in finding an awesome partner to play with and wonderful team mates, but Alice still finds it strange that she has never met any of them in person!
Asya Ladyzhensky
 LadyzhenskyAsya Ladyzhensky

My name is Asya Ladyzhensky. I was born in Bradenton, FL. I am 20 years old and I currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina. I'm studying at Wake Tech there.

Both my parents are world class bridge players, so I grew up around bridge. I started caddying at local tournaments and eventually I started to play the game.

In 2010, I had the opportunity to represent the USA on the U26 girls team in Philadelphia for the 13th World Youth Bridge Championship.

In 2013, my bridge partner, Allison Hunt and I won the North American Youth Pairs and also the Youngsters Pairs at 3rd World Youth Open Bridge Championship at Atlanta, Georgia. This year I am hoping to represent the USA in the Rona Cup. 

Mili Raina  
Ruth Ng

Ruth is a 21-year-old undergraduate at the University of Chicago. While she is studying Math, she will be the first to admit that many things in her life, like the number of key card she sometimes promises her partner, do not add up.

She learnt to play bridge while melting into a puddle in the sunny island of Singapore, while playing for her Junior College bridge club, but now is happy and proud to be playing under the banner of the USBF. She also cannot get her head around the fact that she learnt the Standard AMERICAN Yellow Card in Singapore, then showed up to her university club in the US where no one knew what she was doing.