U26-USA2-WangWilliam Zhu, Edmund Wu, Erli Zhou, Jimmy Wang
System Information

Wang-Zhou System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

Wu-Zhu System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

About the Players

Zhou "Jimmy" Wang
Zhuo-Jimmy-WangZhuo Jimmy Wang 

Jimmy, a 23 year old native of Beijing, is in his 5th year of a PhD program in Applied Mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania.  He studies mathematical models of neurons (“computational neuroscience”) that can explain neurological and behavioral data. 

He learned bridge in high school and created an application for his tablet computer that allowed him to play bridge in class, without cards (and without being noticed). 

Jimmy represented the USA 4 years ago (U21) in Philadelphia and 2 years ago (U26) in Taicang, China; he and his colleagues from Penn won the ACBL’s Collegiate Championship in both 2010 and 2011.

Erli Zhou
Erli-ZhouErli Zhuo   
Edmund Wu
William Zhu  

A San Francisco native, William learned to play bridge at Lowell High School at the school bridge club. However, it wasn't until he graduated that he began learning the game seriously when Center for Bridge Education, a non profit organization for promoting junior bridge, sponsored him and a friend to play in the Toronto NABC.Since then, William has spent his summers involved in the San Francisco bridge scene.

William is currently in his third year at Vassar College, majoring in Economics. While at school, he plays significantly less bridge and focuses on school and other hobbies, including tennis and classical guitar.