This Fall the USBF will conduct an election to fill 2 seats on its Board of Directors. The seats are for a three-year term commencing January 1, 2017. 

USBF Board members must be currently active USBF members, having paid the  2016 annual active or resident member dues of $50.

This year we sought nominations through Bridge Winners and the USBF Nominating Committee has met and interviewed potential Board candidates. The Nominating Committee slate will be posted shortly.

In addition to those candidates nominated by the nominating committee, candidates may be nominated by petition. Twenty-five or more Active or Resident Members of USBF may nominate an Active or Resident Member for a Board position. To file a petition nominating a candidate, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the name of the candidate and the names and email addresses of the people making the nomination on or before October 25, 2016. If there are no petition candidates, the candidates nominated by the Nominating Committee will either be elected without the need for an election (if there are only two nominees), or will be the entire slate of nominees for the election.

See the election timeline below for when things happen. Download the Election Procedures and Board Member Expectiations for more complete information about the election

Any Active USBF member interested in being on the ballot who has not been nominated by the Nominating Committee should go to  About USBF and read the final paragraph on the page (Election Information), which directs you to the relevant documents. 

ACTION Relation to BMD* Date Week Day
 Nominating Committee reports to
  Elections Committee
 31 Days before BMD  10/24/16  Monday
 Nominations Close  30 Days before BMD  10/25/16  Tuesday
 Last Day for Petition Candidates  20 days before BMD  11/4/16  Friday
 Eligible Voter List Posted on Web site**  15 days before BMD  11/9/16  Wednesday
 Last day to protest voter list**  7 days before BMD  11/17/16  Thursday
 Ballot Mailing Date (BMD)**    11/24/16  Thursday
 End of voting period**    12/24/16  Saturday
Announce Results    1/1/17  Sunday
 Last Day for protest of election

 10 days after results  announced

 1/11/17  Wednesday

 * BMD = Ballot Mailing Date

** Necessary only if more candidates are nominated than there are positions open.