Congratulations to our Medalists in the 2021 World Championships, played in 2022:

Mixed Teams - Silver

USA1 earned the SILVER medal in the Mixed, despite having to play with a reduced roster, including one permanent substitute and 2 temporary substitutes, because players on the team tested positive for Covid-19. An amazing performance by Andrew Rosenthal, Eldad Ginossar, and Migry zur Campanile, all of whom played throughout the event, and Debbie Rosenberg, who played in the Round Robin, Dana Berkowitz and Chris Willenken, who played all of the Round Robin and part of the KO, Amber Lin who played most of the KO, and Cheri Bjerkan and Kevin Rosenberg, who substituted for part of the KO, as well as NPC Jeff Aker. We can all be proud of all of them!

Chris Willenken, Dana Berkowitz, Eldad Ginossar, Jeff Aker, Andrew Rosenthal, Kevin Rosenberg, Migry zur Campanile, Amber Lin. Photo by Claudio Fossati

 Debbie Rosenberg

Debbie Rosenberg


Cheri Bjerkan

Bermuda Bowl - Bronze

USA1 (Nick Nickell-Ralph Katz, Bobby Levin-Steve Weinstein, Eric Greco-Geoff Hampson, NPC Jill Levin) lost a close Semifinal match to Switzerland, the winners of the Bermuda Bowl.

 Nick Nickell, Ralph Katz, Bobby Levin, Jill Levin, Steve Weinstein, Eric Greco, Geoff Hampson, Photo by Claudio Fossati